Why choose our customization service?

We offer tailor-made solutions which, in addition to meet the required functional and aesthetic needs, are also in line with the relevant regulations and with the possibility of customizing the spindles with the customer’s company logo.

Accuracy and quality:

Our spindles are made with high quality materials to ensure durability and optimal performance.

Tailored innovation:

We work closely with the customer to understand their specific needs and preferences. Our team of experts is always ready to propose the best technical and functional solutions.

How does our service work?

Initial interview:

Our process begins with an initial interview in order to understand in detail the specific needs of each individual customer, supported by the sharing of drawings and technical specifications or, in their absence, by sharing the customer’s project or idea.

Custom Design:

After understanding the customer’s needs, our design team works to create a custom model of the spindle. We use cutting-edge software to ensure a detailed preview of the final product.

Production and quality control:

Once the model is approved, we proceed with production using advanced machinery. Each spindle goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure it satisfies our high standards.

Delivery and after-sales service:

We deliver customized spindles ready for installation, with all the necessary instructions for quick and easy assembly. Our customer service is always available for any after-sales needs.

Advanced customization with logo

We offer the possibility of customizing the spindle with customer’s company logo, creating a coherent and professional visual identity for all your components. We can also include specific wording to ensure compliance with regulations of reference, offering solutions that meet the required standards.

Types of engraving

All our spindles can be marked with custom logo or with the relevant reference standards