Discover our company, history, values and numbers

The founder

Determination and far-sighted vision

We would like to remember with deep gratitude the founder of PI-ZETA, Poli Renato, who dedicated a great part of his life to work. Starting from the modest spaces of a basement and with a far-sighted vision, he travelled from the small town of Valtrompia to the great and radiant Germany, armed only with a simple hand-bound catalogue, in search of new opportunities.

His determination made the difference, and so PI-ZETA could open the doors to foreign markets . The objectives achieved by the company are the fruit of his stubbornness, his vision and his pioneering spirit.

Our history

40 years of family business history


Foundation of a sole proprietorship company

A family business and mechanical workshop was started after the idea of the founder Poli Renato.


Company foundation

Foundation of the company PIZETA.


Production of spindles

Start of the production of spindles for handles and expansion in the first foreign markets.


Generational change

The son and the daughter of the company’s founder entered the family business initiating a generational change.


Machine innovation

Start of the innovative change with new evolutionary machinery.



Expansion of the headquarter with offices and a warehouse and an extension of the production area.



The company obtains the certification of the quality management system.


Partecipation in trade fairs

PIZETA begins to exhibit at trade fairs in partnership with another company.


Industry 4.0

The principles of INDUSTRY 4.0 are adopted by the company.



Development of a marketing strategy to increase visibility and expansion into other markets.


Expansion of the machine park

Expansion of the machine park through the introduction of new machinery, in particular: Semi-automatic machine for assembling anti-panic and expansion pins.


Change in corporate structure

Change in corporate structure: The children Roberto and Cristina become the sole effective owners of the company.


Continuous improvement

Replacement of a metal washing machine with a new generation one that uses solvents with low environmental impact and a safe and environmentally friendly work cycle.

Our values

Every day we believe in our values and transmit them to customers, suppliers and cooperators

We work to be a reference point for our customers. We operate with organizational procedures and high quality standards. Our staff work with passion and strive for continuous improvement through collaboration, in the name of quality and Made in Italy. Passion is a family value acquired by the company founders. Innovation is the basis of our projects.

Qualitative excellence

Quality is our main value, we are committed to making products with excellent quality every day.

Continuous improvement

We believe that every market and every sector are constantly evolving. For this reason we always focus on the continuous improvement of our products and our production processes.


Passion is the key ingredient and distinctive value that allows us to believe in the things we do every day.


The development of our products is based on technological evolution and attention to innovation.

Our machines

Innovation and technology through the machines we have

Numerically with automatic controlled bar loaders automatic lathe
Tansfer machine with 5 horizontal and vertical axis
Robotic isle for spindle assembly
Robotic isle for spindle marking

Years of experience in the production of spindles


Millions of spindles produced each year


Tons of material processed per year


Types of spindles on stock


We care about our planet as much as we care about our quality

Our part for the planet

Commitment to respect of the environment and attention for the dynamics of our planet are fundamental points in our current and future choices. We believe that our quality must also include attention and respect for the environment.

Appropriate recyclable and non-recyclable waste disposal

We hand over our plastic, cardboard and wood packaging to recycling companies. Used oils are recovered and special waste is disposed of separately. We evaluate the environmental impact of each waste annually through chemical analyzes entrusted to specialized companies. We evaluate technological improvements to eliminate the presence of dangerous substances in waste.

Eco-sustainable system

We have a photovoltaic panel system for the production of electricity dedicated to the company’s energy needs.

Respect for the environment

We believe that a quality product or process must also respect the environment.

Lead-free raw material

To meet the increasingly important environmental requirements, we have introduced lead-free products on the market.