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Our services

The customer, the product and the manufacture process are at the centre of all our services.

Production of spindles and accessories for handles with heat treatment
Production of spindles and accessories for handles with surface treatment
Production on customer specification or drawing
We personalize the product through engraving

Cooperation and personalization

Our commercial and technical department are available both in the pre-and post-sales phase, providing technical assistance and customized solutions. We assist the customer in transforming his idea into a finished product, through the creation of prototypes and samples on customer’s specification.

Our knowledge

Commercial presence and technical product know-how for each market

Our process

Innovation and technology through the machines we have


Research and development for product and process improvement

Industry 4.0

As far as the technological process is concerned, we apply the national Industrial 4.0 plan, a technological project that concerns the automation and interconnection of the entire production system through ERP (Enterprise Resource planning), which allows us to:


We are costantly looking for the best quality

Quality is our fixed idea: focusing on attention, care, improvement, maintenance and motivation enables us to reach a high quality every day